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Other Areas of Practice

As a service to our business clients and individuals who are seeking experienced lawyers with a broad range of legal knowledge, we also practice in the following areas:

  • Probate and Estate Planning
  • Wills and Trusts
  • Business Planning
  • Liquor Licensing
  • Collections
  • Landlord-Tenant

Probate and Estate Planning
Whether you have an existing will, or are interested in making critical estate planning decisions for the first time, our experienced estate planning and probate attorneys can provide you with the support and legal guidance you need to secure the financial future of your family. At Kizy Law, we are experienced in assisting individuals and families making important estate planning decisions. We also provide representation in probate court and in estate administration.

We know that every family is unique and has different planning needs. Our estate planning attorneys will provide you with information and recommend options and alternatives to ensure that your interests will be acknowledged when you are no longer capable of controlling your estate.

Call us today at 248-662-5499 for your free consultation. We can assist you with any of the following:

Wills: An effective last will and testament addresses many complex issues – distribution of property to heirs, guardianships for minor children, testamentary trusts, and more. We discuss your situation and draft a simple or complex will, depending on what best suits your needs.

Trusts: Wills and trusts are the core of many estate plans. Whether you elect to create a trust for tax planning purposes or wish to establish college funds for a grandchild, we can assist you.

Power of Attorney: We can assist you with establishing a health care power of attorney or financial power of attorney, so that a family member or appointed person has the authority to manage your health care and financial matters.

Living Will: We can also assist you in drafting a living will so that you can direct your family members in making decisions regarding your health care should you become incapacitated. It is critical to think about these important decisions now to protect your family members from being forced to make difficult decisions for you.

Probate and Estate Administration: When a loved one passes away (with or without a will or trust), the family is faced with complex legal matters and probate court proceedings. With the assistance of the attorneys at Kizy Law, you can rest assured that the process will proceed as smoothly as possible. Our attorney and staff work to resolve probate and estate administration matters efficiently and effectively.

Our estate planning and probate lawyers are sympathetic to the number of sensitive issues related to estate planning and will provide you with all of the information you need to be confident in your legal choices and your future.

Business Planning
Our corporate attorneys take care when assisting clients in business planning. To give our clients the best possible legal representation, we apply our knowledge in all areas of the law, including federal and state tax laws, real estate laws, and liability laws. After taking all issues into account, we advise on organizational options, including:

  • Corporations
  • Partnerships
  • Limited Liability Companies

Call us today at 248-662-5499 for your free consultation.

Liquor Licensing
The attorneys at Kizy Law have helped countless establishments and stores in obtaining and maintaining proper licensure for the sale of alcoholic beverages. Our attorneys have broad experience and detailed knowledge of the local and state regulatory agencies that determine an establishment’s ability to sell alcohol.

The attorneys at Kizy Law regularly represent purchasers and sellers of liquor licenses and help clients navigate through the process of obtaining or selling a liquor license. The Kizy Law Firm is experienced, not only in the purchasing and selling of liquor licenses, but in maintaining those licenses in the face of liquor license violations. Our attorneys have successfully represented numerous businesses that have faced having their liquor license revoked following alleged violations.  Call us today at 248-662-5499 for your free consultation.

The collection attorneys at Kizy Law are standing by to serve your debt collection needs and will personally speak with you to arrange for a highly effective collection campaign that is just right for your company’s bad debt collection portfolio. Our collection attorneys and staff provide excellent client service and support to aid in the seamless placement, pre-legal collection, legal collection and litigation stages of the collection process.

Our collection attorneys believe that our competitive legal fees, fast turnaround time, high recovery ratio, and friendly personal service justifies the utilization of this firm for all of your debt collection needs. Call us today at 248-662-5499 for your free consultation.

The attorneys at Kizy Law create solutions for landlords and tenants by successfully bringing tenants comfort that they are living in a stable, well-maintained home, and preserving the profits and equity of landlords who are working hard to run a successful business. The attorneys at Kizy Law have substantial knowledge about real estate, contracts and property rights to help their clients in the following areas:

  • Draft rental agreements
  • Resolve landlord-tenant disputes
  • Evict irresponsible or nonpaying tenants
  • Successfully defend against unjust evictions
  • Demand return of security deposits that have been unfairly held
  • Collect from nonpaying tenants
  • Uphold tenants’ rights against discrimination
  • Help landlords maintain the integrity and profitability of their properties

Call us today at 248-662-5499 for your free consultation.

Lease Drafting for Property Owners: Both landlords and tenants can avoid potential problems by having a well-drafted contract that enumerates all rental terms. The attorneys at Kizy Law discuss the particulars of your property and its occupancy in order to construct clear, detailed leases that cover all aspects of your rental agreement. When you present a lease to a prospective tenant, you will feel confident that you are absolutely in compliance with Michigan law and that your rights are protected should a dispute arise.

Resolving an Eviction Crisis: Eviction is disruptive to both the landlord and the tenant. The landlord must spend the time and money to replace tenants who fall behind on rent, and displaced families must relocate to a new home under traumatic circumstances. With this scenario in mind, the attorneys at Kizy Law help resolve disputes when eviction is undesirable. If you are a tenant who unfairly faces eviction, our attorneys protect your rights to remain in your home. If you are a landlord whose tenants are engaged in disruptive, illegal or damaging behavior, our attorneys help you to protect your property and your business.


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