The Yeti

Mike Miller

A vintage story of event and Terror “You have entered an international of loss of life, yet do not need to die. No treasure on the earth is worthy dealing with the Yeti.” within the 12 months 1850, a British caravan crossing the Himalayan Mountains from India into China has vanished, in addition to its necessary treasure. Now the race is directly to reclaim the misplaced fortune as a couple of intrepid squaddies - a virtuous African inner most and a bold British corporal - spearhead their very own venture to grab the prize by way of betraying their fellow troops. in this epic experience, every one man’s will, personality and fortitude could be challenged to outlive the perilous quest as they conflict the wrath of the vengeful English military, the fury of the local bandits, the greed in their cutthroat accomplices, and the tough, frozen hell of the alpine peaks. And the one different hindrance to their good fortune is a savage beast of legendary energy.

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