The Story of Astronomy

From the traditional origins of astronomy to the Copernican revolution, and from Galileo to Hawking's learn into black holes, the tale of Astronomy charts the discoveries of a few of the best minds in human heritage, and their makes an attempt to unveil the secrets and techniques of the celebrities.

Peter Aughton's trademark narrative kind is to the fore, demystifying a number of the greatest breakthroughs within the heritage of technological know-how, and packed choked with attention-grabbing nuggets similar to why we now have 60 mins in an hour, how the Romans bodged the discovery of the bissextile year and while humans relatively found the Earth wasn't flat (a thousand years sooner than Columbus). And explaining within the most simple and compelling of the way what Newton, Einstein, Hubble and Hawking quite accomplished.

Richly informative and readable, the tale of Astronomy is an engaging trip via 3000 years of stargazing. incorporated are chapters on: The Origins of Astronomy; From Babylon to historic Greece; The Almagest; Persian Stargazing; Nicholas Copernicus; Tycho and Kepler; Galileo; Newton and The Clockwork Universe; William Herschel; discovering Longitude; Einstein; Hubble's Universe; The Microcosm and the Macrocosm; past the seen Spectrum; Black Holes and Quasars; Stephen Hawking; the instant of construction; the long run.

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