The SAGE Encyclopedia of Alcohol: Social, Cultural, and Historical Perspectives, Volume 1

Alcohol intake is going to the very roots of approximately all human societies. various international locations and areas became linked to different types of alcohol, for example, the “beer culture” of Germany, the “wine culture” of France, Japan and saki, Russia and vodka, the Caribbean and rum, or the “moonshine culture” of Appalachia. Wine is utilized in non secular rituals, and toasts are used to seal company offers or to have a good time marriages and nation dinners. besides the fact that, our relation with alcohol is one among love/hate. We additionally keep watch over it and tax it, we move legislation approximately whilst and the place it’s applicable, we crack down seriously on inebriated using, and the U.S. and different international locations attempted the failed “Noble Experiment” of Prohibition.
While there are lots of encyclopedias on alcohol, approximately all method it as a substance of abuse, taking a scientific, clinical point of view (alcohol, alcoholism, and treatment). The SAGE Encyclopedia of Alcohol examines the historical past of alcohol all over the world and is going past the historic lens to envision alcohol as a cultural and social phenomenon, as well—both for reliable and for ill—from the earliest days of humankind.

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