Strange New Worlds: The Search for Alien Planets and Life beyond Our Solar System

Ray Jayawardhana

In Strange New Worlds, well known astronomer Ray Jayawardhana brings information from front traces of the epic quest to discover planets--and alien life--beyond our sun procedure. simply some time past twenty years, after millennia of hypothesis, have astronomers began to find planets round different stars--thousands actually. Now they're nearer than ever to unraveling far-off twins of the Earth. during this e-book, Jayawardhana vividly recounts the tales of the scientists and the outstanding breakthroughs that experience ushered during this awesome age of exploration. He describes the newest findings--including his own--that are not easy our view of the cosmos and casting new mild at the origins and evolution of planets and planetary structures. He finds how expertise is swiftly advancing to help direct observations of Jupiter-like gasoline giants and super-Earths--rocky planets with a number of instances the mass of our personal planet--and how astronomers use biomarkers to hunt attainable existence on different worlds.

Strange New Worlds presents an insider's examine the state of the art technology of ultra-modern planet hunters, our clients for locating alien existence, and the debates and controversies on the vanguard of extrasolar-planet research.

In a brand new afterword, Jayawardhana explains one of the most contemporary advancements as we look for the 1st clues of lifestyles on different planets.

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