Race of Scorpions: The Third Book of The House of Niccolo

Dorothy Dunnett

With the bravura storytelling and stinky authenticity of aspect she dropped at her acclaimed Lymond Chronicles, Dorothy Dunnett offers the home of Niccolò sequence. The time is the fifteenth century, while intrepid retailers turned the hot knighthood of Europe. between them, none is bolder or extra crafty than Nicholas vander Poele of Bruges, the good-natured dyer's apprentice who schemes and swashbuckles his option to the helm of a mercantile empire.
      In 1462, Nicholas is a filthy rich 21-year-old. His cherished spouse has died. His stepchildren have locked him out of the family members enterprise. He and his inner most military are the objective of a number of conspiracies. And either contenders for the throne of Cyprus, the bright Queen Carlotta and her charismatic, sexually ambivalent brother James, are difficult his help. jogging a tightrope of intrigue, Dunnett's hero juggles adversaries and allies, from the delectable courtesan Primaflora to the Mameluke commander Tzani-Bey al Ablak, a guy of undiluted evil. Masterfully paced, alive with sensual delights, Race of Scorpions confirms Dorothy Dunnett because the grande dame of the style.

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