Moonshine: A Cultural History of America's Infamous Liquor

Jaime Joyce

Nothing yet transparent, 100-proof American history.

Hooch. White lightning. White whiskey. Mountain dew. Moonshine is going via many names. So what's it, relatively? Technically talking, "moonshine" refers to untaxed liquor made in an unlicensed nonetheless. within the usa, it’s often corn that’s used to make the transparent, unaged beverage, and it’s the mountain humans of the yankee South who're so much heavily linked to similar to making and promoting backwoods booze at night—by the sunshine of the moon—to keep away from detection by way of legislations enforcement.

In this ebook, author Jaime Joyce explores America’s centuries-old courting with moonshine. From the country’s early adoption of Scottish and Irish home-distilling thoughts and traditions to the Whiskey uprising of the past due 1700s to a comparability of the moonshine pre- and post-Prohibition and a glance at modern day craft distilling, Joyce examines the old context that gave upward push to moonshining in the US and explores its endured charm. much more attention-grabbing than the recognition of the liquor itself is moonshine’s frequent impact on U.S. popular culture: moonshine runners have been NASCAR’s first marquee drivers; white whiskey was once the unstated celebrity of numerous Hollywood movie and tv productions; and diverse songs encouraged by means of making shine have come from such musicians as Dolly Parton, Steve Earle, Metallica, Ween, and others. whereas we can’t condone making your personal unlawful liquor, studying Moonshine provide you with a brand new standpoint at the profound implications that underground moonshine making has had on existence in America.

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