Mia in the Mix (Cupcake Diaries)

Coco Simon

At Park highway college, you have got the preferred women. They actually have a renowned women membership. yet what occurs for those who aren’t invited to affix? Do you begin an Unpopular membership? No, you begin a Cupcake membership!

This moment e-book from The Cupcake Diaries is instructed during the viewpoint of Mia. just like the different individuals of the membership, readers gets an opportunity to grasp the hot woman at school. Mia hasn't ever had an issue making buddies sooner than. Her motto is to be open and pleasant with every body. in spite of the fact that, now not every body at Park road college believes in blending in with diverse teams of acquaintances. while the preferred ladies membership takes curiosity in Mia's prepared style experience and choose to recruit her, Mia has to come to a decision among them and the Cupcake membership contributors. what is a lady to do?

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