Hegel (The Routledge Philosophers)

Hegel (1770-1831) is likely one of the significant philosophers of the 19th century. some of the significant philosophical pursuits of the 20th century - from existentialism to analytic philosophy - grew out of reactions opposed to Hegel. he's additionally one of many toughest philosophers to appreciate and his advanced rules, even though profitable, are usually misunderstood.

In this magisterial and lucid advent, Frederick Beiser covers each significant point of Hegel's concept. He areas Hegel within the historic context of nineteenth-century Germany while clarifying the deep insights and originality of Hegel's philosophy.

A masterpiece of readability and scholarship, Hegel is either the correct place to begin for these coming to Hegel for the 1st time and crucial studying for any scholar or student of 19th century philosophy.

Additional features:

  • glossary
  • chapter summaries
  • chronology
  • annotated extra reading.

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