Galaxies: A Very Short Introduction

John Gribbin

during this attention-grabbing Very brief advent, well known technology author John Gribben tells the tale of our transforming into knowing of galaxies, from the times ahead of Galileo to our present-day observations of our many 1000s of hundreds of thousands of galactic pals. not just are galaxies attention-grabbing astronomical buildings in themselves, yet their examine has published a lot of what we all know this present day in regards to the cosmos, supplying a window at the enormous Bang and the origins of the Universe. Gribben seems to be at our personal "Milky means" Galaxy intimately, from the various different types of stars which are born inside of it, to the origins of its fantastic spiral constitution. possibly finest, Gribben describes the various fascinating discoveries were made approximately our personal galaxy and approximately these past: how a supermassive black gap lurks on the middle of each galaxy, how huge, immense forces are published whilst galaxies collide, how far-off galaxies supply a window at the early Universe, and the way the formation of younger galaxies shed wanted mild at the mysteries of chilly darkish Matter.

About the Series: Combining authority with wit, accessibility, and elegance, Very brief Introductions provide an advent to a couple of life's finest themes. Written by means of specialists for the newcomer, they show the best modern brooding about the vital difficulties and matters in 1000s of key issues, from philosophy to Freud, quantum concept to Islam.

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