Extreme Cosmos: A Guided Tour of the Fastest, Brightest, Hottest, Heaviest, Oldest, and Most Amazing Aspects of Our Universe

Bryan Gaensler

A most sensible astronomer explores the universe in the course of the lens of its such a lot jaw-dropping extremes.

The universe is all approximately extremes, and during this enticing and thought-provoking ebook, astronomer Bryan Gaensler offers a whirlwind travel of the galaxies, with an emphasis on its quickest, most well liked, heaviest, brightest, oldest, densest, or even loudest parts. From supernova explosions a thousand million occasions brighter than the sunlight to an asteroid the scale of a seashore ball, severe Cosmos bargains a desirable, clean, and expert standpoint of the amazing richness of the universe, and the fantastic physics that sleek astronomy has published.

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