Eternal Journey (Rogue Angel, Book 17)

Alex Archer, Jean Rabe

After taking pictures an episode of "Chasing History's Monsters "at a dig in Australia, Annja Creed is left feeling mildly unimpressed. The artifacts being exposed are thought of fringe by way of specialists who doubt their authenticity. Annja is dissatisfied via the overall loss of secret concerned. yet her boredom is instantly changed with worry whilst all that's left of her cameraman is a drop of blood on his hotel-room carpet.As she seems to be for her buddy, Annja narrowly escapes an assault via gunmen. She realizes her cameraman should have captured identical to whatever so useful that somebody could kill them for simply having dared examine it. while it turns into transparent that everybody at the dig is in danger, Annja starts to imagine they're at risk no longer as a result of what they observed, yet "who...."

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