Cradle of Solitude (Rogue Angel, Book 33)

Alex Archer, Joseph Nassise

One secret may well swap the destiny of a nation...

The skeletal is still of a accomplice soldier, hidden deep in the Paris Catacombs. The legend of a long-lost accomplice treasure. An elderly scrap of paper that reads easily, Berceau de solitude--Cradle of Solitude.

It was once sheer dumb good fortune, rather. Archaeologist Annja Creed occurred to be in Paris while the bones of the soldier have been found. yet this used to be no usual soldier--this guy was once the keeper of a treasure that can have affected the end result of the yank Revolution. someplace, the treasure waits to be claimed.

Now Annja is unraveling a 150-year-old secret and a path of clues that would lead her around the ocean and deep into the guts of the outdated South. yet she isn't the single seeker of this treasure. another person desires it--bad adequate to kill an individual who stands of their way....

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