Comet, Revised

Carl Sagan, Ann Druyan

WHAT ARE those swish viewers TO OUR SKIES? WE NOW recognize THAT they create either existence AND dying AND educate US approximately OUR ORIGINS.

Comet starts with a wide ranging trip via house astride a comet. Pulitzer Prize-winning astronomer Carl Sagan, writer of Cosmos and call, and author Ann Druyan discover the beginning, nature, and way forward for comets, and the unique myths and portents hooked up to them. The authors convey how comets have spurred a number of the nice discoveries within the background of technology and lift exciting questions about those amazing viewers from the interstellar dark.

Were the fates of the dinosaurs and the origins of people tied to the wanderings of a comet? Are comets the development blocks from which worlds are formed?

Lavishly illustrated with photos and specifically commissioned full-color work, Comet is a charming experience, crucial for an individual who has ever gazed up on the heavens and questioned why.


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The Washington Post

"COMET HUMANIZES technology. a gorgeous, attention-grabbing BOOK."

United Press International


The Atlanta magazine & Constitution

From the alternate Paperback version.

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