Biggles in Spain

W E Johns

'Don't flow but. i am going out of front door. they're going to rush me then. that is your probability to head out the again manner. received that?'-'Quite clear.'-'Good! yet do not believe i am exaggerating. My possibilities of getting out of the following alive are approximately one in 100. Yours are one in ten. they will kill you with no the slightest compunction in the event that they imagine you are with me. i do not comprehend what you are doing the following, however it does not topic. Make for London. in the event you get there, inform them what happened.'Biggles, Algy and Ginger unintentionally arrive in Spain throughout the civil struggle. After an opportunity come across with a British Intelligence agent who passes them a coded message which should be obtained again to the Ministry of Defence in London, they're keen on a determined chase to come again domestic with the evil leader of Intelligence and Propaganda after them.

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